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     Brigitte Bourdeau is a Certified Health Counselor and devoted yoga teacher in New-York since 2006. She decided to become a health practitioner to bridge her passion with her work to help individuals  improve their life energy in full harmony. Always empowering her students to use the breath as the Bridge to move through life.
Combining asana and  powerful sequences, Brigitte teaches creative, tangible, blissfully grounded yoga. She completed certifications with Laughing Lotus, Ana Forrest, Sadie Nardini  and has 5 years in Thai Body Work under her belt. Brigitte's  teaching is skilled, hands on sensitive and strong. Be ready for a challenge and a laugh.

                                     Learn to love moving in your every day life.

Make MovesRooftop Yoga
 Summer 2014
Thursdays 8-9am

The James Hotel
27 Grand Street
New-York, NY

Gather with amazing women from NYC and all over the world, as you you rise with the sun into warrior with the city at your feet!



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